Tentative Contract Agreement Reached with the LACMTA

General Chairman Marco Gudino and General Committee 875 are excited to announce that they have reached a tentative contract agreement with the LACMTA.  The final agreements were signed on the final day of the contract following a late-night session earlier in the week.

The details of the agreement will be shared at a mass meeting to be held on Saturday July 8th, 10AM at the Hilton Hotel in Pasadena.  The vote will be by mail referendum, so every member will need to ensure that the General Committee has updated contact information.  Please call the Union offices in Irwindale at 626-962-9980 if you need to update your information. 

The ballot handling and count will be conducted by the California State Mediation and Conciliation Service (SMCS). The SMCS is an independent state agency that provides mediators for grievance disputes, representation, card check, and union elections services.  Details on the dates and times of the mailing will be made available as soon as they are known.  For more information on the SMCS you can visit them on the web at www.perb.ca.gov/csmcs/smcs.aspx.

Tentative Contract Agreement
Information Meeting

Hilton Hotel Meeting
Saturday July 8th, 10am
168 S Los Robles Ave,
Pasadena, CA 91101

Previsich attends contract negotiations as significant progress is made

On Friday May 19, SMART Transportation Division President John Previsich attended and observed contract negotiations between GO-875 and the LACMTA at the Union offices in Irwindale, CA.  Previsich has attended a previous negotiation session and has continually monitored the progress through frequent status updates.  He has also signaled his willingness to attend more sessions in the future.  Previsich’s presence lets LA Metro know just how serious the entire SMART Union organization is taking these negotiations.  General Committee 875 is grateful for SMART Transportation Division and John Previsich’s continued support through these negotiations. 

Friday was a very good day with many articles moving forward with tentative agreements.  Although no details on those tentative agreements can be shared at this time, it is significant progress that moves negotiations ever closer to a contract proposal. 

There are six weeks left until the end of the current contract on June 30th, and there are at least nine negotiation sessions and meetings planned to bring a contract by that date.  Although the MTA is eager for a contract before the June 30th deadline, the General Committee is dedicated to taking as long as is necessary to get the right contract for the members. 

Payroll deductions due to “glitch” put on hold

Many of you have received notices that the MTA will be deducting from pay checks, “overpayments” that were made by a “glitch”  in the payroll system.  The General Committee was informed of the “glitch” at the same time the letters were sent.  The General Committee argued against these unfair deduction as they were no fault of the employees, and demanded a cancelation of the deductions.  When the MTA refused to relent, the General Committee studied the labor code and found potential violations of the law.  The General Committee then directed legal council to investigate the issue and find a legal solution.  As a result, the deductions, that were scheduled for today, have been put on hold until a legal review can run its course.  This does not mean that the deduction may not eventually occur, but for now the deductions will not happen.  An announcement will be made once a legal decision has been made. 

General Chairman Gudino meets with LB Mayor Robert Garcia


Last week General Chairman Marco Gudino and Rail Local Chairman John Cabanas Jr. met with the newest member of the LACMTA Board, Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia.  The meeting was an opportunity for the leaders to get to know one another and discuss important transportation matters.  Topics of discussion included the new multi-agency police contract, the aging Blue Line and contract negotiations.  Mayor Garcia discussed his priorities for improvements to the Blue Line as well as safety and security on the system.  When discussing subcontracting, Mayor Garcia also expressed his preference to have “municipal employees do municipal work,” instead of outsourcing to private contractors.  Union and city staff were also able to meet and exchange information so that a closer relationship could be developed.  

Recent changes to the members of the LACMTA Board of Directors represents a massive shift in the political ideology of the Board.  Supervisors Janice Hahn, Kathrine Barger and Mayor Robert Garcia are substantially more Union friendly than their predecessors.  It is vital that the General Committee keep an active presence with the Board of Directors to ensure that the issues and topics of the members remain a priority.

Shorts Year Round

Contract negotiation provide labor and management an opportunity to discuss matters both contractual and non-contractual, in order to make positive changes for the employees of LA Metro.  An issue that had been raised by union members, and then taken by the General Committee to the negotiating table, was the MTA uniform policy limiting the time frame that shorts could be worn as part of the uniform.

It is not uncommon for winter days in Southern California to reach above 90 degrees.  The requirement for pants to be worn during these months left many operators with very hot and uncomfortable working conditions.  Although it is not a contractual matter, the General Committee felt that the policy needed to be changed and argued for it at the negotiating table.  The MTA agreed and beginning April 1, operators will have the option to wear cargo shorts year round. 


LA Metro to Vote on Police Contract February 23

On Thursday, February 23rd, The Board of Director for LA Metro will vote on a new police contract at the Board of Directors- Regular Board Meeting.  For more Information follow the link below:


The meeting starts at 9AM and members of the public are welcome to speak.  There is a full agenda and there is no telling when the agenda item (#42) will be taken up.  If you would like to speak at the meeting be prepared to wait through the entire meeting.  A SMART representative will be on hand to help you fill out speaker cards and inform you of the public speaking process.  You can see the entire agenda by following the link below:


For more information please visit


SMART & LACMTA hold first negotiation session

Yesterday, February 15th, 2017, SMART General Committee 875 and the LACMTA held its first negotiation session at the SMART offices in Irwindale, CA.  

SMART Transportation President John Previsich was in attendance to observe and offer his advice and support. “Bus and Rail Operators are an important piece of the SMART Union organization. I am here to offer my support and assistance to get an equitable and fair contract that our members deserve.” said Previsich.  Transportation President Previsich will continue to monitor the progress of the negotiations and attend sessions on occasion to continue that support.

The two sides will meet again today at the LACMTA offices at Union Station. 

During the duration of the negotiations, no specific agendas, proposals or tentative agreements will be shared publicly, by either side, until an agreement is ready for ratification by the members.  This policy is not in place to unnecessarily keep information from the members but is designed to protect the negotiations process.  There are no agreements until both sides have signed, so it would be premature to offer any specific information until that time.

You can stay up to date on contract negotiations by visiting  http://www.gca875smart.org/2017-contract-negotiations/

Previsich visits Irwindale

Yesterday,  SMART Transportation President John Previsich visited the General Committee 875 offices in Irwindale.  A delegation from Cleveland accompanied Previsich to discuss important Union matters, and General Chairman Gudino had an opportunity to provide a local perspective and input.


In February 2017, the LACMTA will vote on a comprehensive security policy to provide police services to the LA Metro system.  The LACMTA Staff recommendation is to end its current contract with the LA County Sheriffs Department and enter into a multi-agency policing strategy with Los Angeles Police, Long Beach Police and Los Angeles County Sheriffs combined.

You can see the LACMTA Staff recommendation by following the link below.

Metro Comprehensive Policing and Security Strategy

The LACMTA Board has requested more information before it votes on a final plan.  This request for more information gives the LA Metro operators a unique opportunity to have an impact on who will be policing the system for the next 5 years.  The General Committee is looking for stories of when operators had a situation that required assistance from the LA Sheriffs or other law enforcement agencies while operating a bus or train.  What was the outcome?  Did the interaction make you feel safe or protected?  Who do you think should police the system?

The General Committee is asking for these stories to be written so that they may be delivered to the LACMTA Board in February.  Write a letter or use the form below to draft your response.  Mail or deliver it to the union offices in Irwindale or to any Local Chairman no later than Monday, February 13, 2017.  Please only send one response or letter, please keep your comments brief and please no emails.

General Committee Meets in Preparation for Contract Negotiations

Earlier this week, SMART General Committee 875 met at the the union offices in Irwindale to discuss the upcoming contract negotiations with the LACMTA.  The returns of the employee questionnaire were discussed and plans for additional negotiation training were set.

Transportation Division Vice President Reddy Adhi has been assigned by SMART Union International to assist GO-875 in these contract negotiations.  “Mr. Reddy” was formerly the General Chairman for SMART members at Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus and was instrumental in securing their contract.  This addition to the GO-875 negotiating team is a much appreciated and valuable resource.

Finally, the General Committee set a list of dates and times for the special union meetings to discuss the upcoming contract negotiations.  All members are welcome to attend any of the meetings being held over the next month and a half.



Its Yes on Measure M

There was chaos and upheaval in last night’s election results.  Pollsters were called out, and election experts were put to shame.  One race that held true to its projections and one that nearly 70% of Los Angeles County voters agreed on was Yes on Measure M.

Measure M is a historic victory for the LA County commuters, public transportation customers and transportation workers.  Measure M will extend the current Measure R half cent sales tax passed in 2008 and would add an additional half cent in perpetuity.  The funding will go operate and expand the public transportation network, make road and freeway improvements and fund transportation initiatives in smaller LA County cities.

SMART General Committee 875 got involved early in the process and helped to craft the legislation ensuring there would be money for public transportation operations.  Those dollars will help ensure reliable bus services to connect transit riders to the ever-expanding light rail system.

SMART General Committee 875 is gratified by last night’s passage of Measure M and is excited for the future of Los Angeles County public transportation.  Measure M is a piece of much needed great news for county residents, commuters and workers.

VOTE! It’s the SMART Thing to do

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th.  SMART General Committee 875 encourages all of its members to go and Vote. 

It is the duty of every union member to vote.  It is a privilege to be a union member and to have the ability to collectively bargain.  What used to be a right is under attack and union members need to do everything they can to protect their right to organize.  As quickly as you can negotiate for better wages, benefits and working conditions at the bargaining table, the legislature and congress can take it away.  That’s why voting for pro-union candidates and causes is so important. 

To help its members in the decision making process, General Committee 875 has put together a list of Los Angeles County endorsements for this election.  Included is the list of endorsements from the SMART California State Legislative Board.  For more information, log onto gca875smart.org and click on Campaign 2016 at the top of the page.

VOTE! It’s the SMART thing to do.

Measure M                                                      Yes

County Supervisor 4th District                      Janice Hahn

County Supervisor 5th District                      Kathryn Barger

California State Legislative Board Endorsements

President of the United States                     Hillary Clinton

United States Senator                                   Kamala Harris

California State Legislative Board Endorsements for State Assembly and Senate can be found here


Vote YES on Measure M



Irwindale CA-  SMART General Committee 875 proudly endorses YES on Measure M because Measure M is a good deal for Los Angeles County residents, commuters and workers.

Measure M is a Los Angeles County, sales tax, ballot initiative that that will extend the current Measure R sales tax and impose and additional half percent sales tax.  The taxes will pay for transportation projects, operations and services throughout the county for at least the next 60 years.  Measure R was responsible for the transportation expansion that LA County has enjoyed in recent years and Measure M will double down on the mission to expand public transportation even further. 

Measure M is a good deal for anyone who is interested in transportation issues.  Every resident of Southern California has wished for a better way to get around the region and Measure M seeks to grant that wish.  Measure M will expand the current light rail system in order to bring rapid transportation services to more areas of the county.  In order to get these new riders to and from the popular light rail stations, additional bus services would be needed to pick up and drop off in order to start and complete the journey.  Although light rail is a major emphasis of the new construction, bus service will continue to be a vital resource and the back bone of the public transportation system. 

Measure M is a good deal for jobs.  Not only will Measure M ensure and secure the jobs that exist today, but Measure M will finance the strong middle class jobs of tomorrow.  From the beginning of the ballot proposal process, General Committee 875 worked diligently with state, county and city officials to ensure that money for operations would be included just as it had been in Measure R.  The operations budget is what pays for the bus and rail operating expenses which includes operators, mechanics and service attendants.  A healthy operations budget could lead to increased services hours on current lines and routes, reduce the need to eliminate service on “poor performing” lines and provide for new types of "First Mile / Last Mile" services that MTA employees could take advantage of.

Measure M is a good deal for Los Angeles County commuters because Measure M will redefine what transportation looks like in the region.  Measure M is a good deal for Los Angeles County workers because Measure M will finance the good middle class job of the future.  Measure M is a good deal for Los Angeles County.  Vote YES on Measure M.

___________________________________________________________________SMART Transportation Division General Committee 875 is the collective bargaining unit for the nearly 5000 bus and light rail operators for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority also know as LA Metro.  For more information please contact Andrew Gonzales at (626) 962-9980 or by email at agonzales.utu@gmail.com